The Center for Popular Democracy organizer highlighted Warren’s plan to pass a “Medicare for All option” in her first 100 days in office which would cover 135 million Americans immediately and which she says would lead to “eventual free coverage for everyone.”

Barkan also applauded Warren’s “bold” commitment to using budget reconciliation in the Senate to pass sweeping changes to the U.S. healthcare system after first covering all children under 18 and all Americans living within 200 percent of the poverty line under Medicare for All.

“This is important, because budget reconciliation requires only 51 votes in the Senate,” Barkan wrote. “Republicans use this all the time, and used it for the tax scam they passed last year. But unfortunately, even past Democratic presidents have balked at availing themselves of this simple tool. Warren makes clear that she will use all the tools available to provide Medicare for All–type care to as many Americans and as quickly as she can—and then she will complete the final part of her plan in the last two years by transitioning the remaining people into that same comprehensive care.”

The senator expressed gratitude to Barkan for his support in a message on Twitter.

Barkan also exchanged warm words with Sanders, who wrote of Barkan after the endorsement was announced, “I look forward to fighting alongside him to guarantee health care for all Americans.”

“You may prefer Sanders, and I have deep respect for that choice,” Barkan wrote at The Nation. “We are, ultimately, on the same side. When the dust settles, Warren will enthusiastically endorse Sanders, or vice versa, and then we will need to all struggle together, as one progressive movement.”

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