According to Michelle Chen, writing for The Nation on Wednesday:

And while Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney on Wednesday made it clear that the White House—contrary to an earlier casual and apparently erroneous statement by the president—is not considering cancelling Puerto Rico’s debt and that the controverial PROMESA program will remain in place, Sanders called that the wrong approach.

“Let me be very clear in saying that the 2016 PROMESA law that treats the island like a colony is not the answer,” argues Sanders in his op-ed. “The people of Puerto Rico, through their own elected officials, should be determining future of the island, not a seven-member control board. Wall Street vulture funds should not be allowed to make huge profits off the misery of the Puerto Rican people.”

And concludes, “Now is the time for all Americans to stand together. Now is the time for President Trump to stop his insulting tweets. Now is the time to rebuild Puerto Rico.”

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