Altogether, wrote independent journalist Kevin Gosztola, Thursday’s White House announcement “is a reminder of everything that is wrong about the power the Obama administration has claimed to assassinate people with drones.” And explains:

But why is this? According to Greenwald, the answer is as “clear” as it is “troubling”:

And as Devereaux reported on Friday, “When asked by The Intercept if the president’s words meant there would be a policy change in how the U.S. deals with claims of civilian casualties resulting from counterterrorism operations, an administration official declined to comment.”

For his part, Timm holds out little hope—despite the spark of interest following the news of the hostages deaths—that much will change.

“If there’s ever going to be accountability for the CIA and military drone program,” he declared, “we need a fully independent commission, divorced from the intelligence committees. Without it, this controversy will just fade back into the background, where it will stay hidden under the government’s ever-expanding veil of secrecy.”

And as HuffPost‘s Grim and Linkins observed:

On Thursday, they concluded, the announced death of two more victims—and yes, Westerners—may have “finally pinned him to the mat.”

Or not.

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