“The British Museum dedicates itself to learning, discovery and the conservation of human cultures, but the only discoveries BP seeks are more fossil fuels to dig up and burn which are already polluting our air and warming our world,” argues the environmental group.

For BP, however, such a partnership makes sense, says Greenpeace UK, which describes its image-burnishing potential:

Thursday’s action was not the first time BP’s sponsorship of the “Sunken Cities” exhibit has been criticized. “It follows an earlier protest by campaign group BP or Not BP, which sent 10 performers to the courtyard outside the exhibition launch to be repeated drenched in water,” reports the Telegraph.

Nor was it the first time climate activists have targeted a UK cultural institution for accepting BP funds.

“Sunken cities aren’t a thing of the past, they are happening now,” argues Greenpeace. “And if BP gets its way, they could come to define our future.”

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