“In recent years,” he said, “the Education Ministry has rejected textbooks that tried to present both narratives, and every time some right-wing politician thought that Jewish schoolchildren were exposed to a different narrative, he or she would raise a hue and a cry, to the extent that one couldn’t utter the word “nakba” [“disaster” in Arabic, referring to the establishment of Israel.]”

Haaretz continues:

However, Haaretz reports that along the “surprising” support for peace, 65.5 percent of the respondents said they also believe that the school system must “teach Jewish and Zionist values without taking a critical stance” and 81.1 percent oppose the idea of teaching the younger generation that Judea and Samaria in the occupied West Bank are not a part of the State of Israel—stances that Bar-Tal said resemble the “positive attitude in principle that the Jewish public shows towards democracy, which comes to an abrupt end when we’re talking about giving equal rights to Arabs who are citizens of the State of Israel.”


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